At lunchtime our relaxed and informal cafe feel will offer a bistro style set menu, as well as our ever popular small plates, which are available as 3 or 5 tasting plates. So, if it just a snack or a short seasonal market menu there is something for all appetites.

Grazing By Day 3 small plates £12 per person / 5 small plates £20 per person

Giant olives £2.00

Smokehouse cod's roe bakers bread £2.00

Whitby crab 50/50 cocktail spice apple, pimento quavers £5.00

Wood mushroom whip Yellison and truffle £5.00

Crumpets sour cream and beetroot £5.00

Middle White Pork Pate celeriac and mustard £5.00

Eggplant 50 spices, mint and yoghurt £5.00

Sashimi grade tuna chilled seaweed tea £5.00

Baker's Fish and Chips East Coast Catch ~ mushy peas, lemon balsamic £10.00

Hanger steak (served medium rare) mustard, wild garlic and red wine £12.00

Lancashire curd cheese pasty blackened veg and capers £10.00

Rare breed pork bits and pieces - beer and molasses £10.00

Today's dish please ask £10.00

House chips £2.50

Today's market veg £2.50

All butter potato pie £2.50

Beef tomatoes £2.50

Upside down custard pie - Tomlinson rhubarb and mace £5.00

Moderne lemon meringue - mancha saffron and curd £5.00

Seville marmalade and chocolate pudding - custard ice cream £5.00

Peanut butter cheesecake - chocolate sorbet and banana crumble £5.00

Milk chocolate, honey & lavender fondue £5.00

Chocobockerglory spiced fruit - coconut, marshmallows, chewy cake £5.00

Today's chocolate ice bar - £5.00

63% chocolate and armagnac truffles - £1 for 2

CHOCOLATE PLATE A plate of chocolate textures available to share £10

Cerney Ash - celery and apple £4.00

Waterloo - truffle honey and oats £4.00

Swaledale Blue - fig jam and watercress £4.00

Lincolnshire poacher - pickled raisins and water biscuits £4.00

Plate Of Four Cheese - £7.50

Some of our dishes may contain nuts - Please ask if you require further information.

Kindly note a 10% service charge will be added to the total bill for parties over 6.